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development history

Two thousand and fifteen
Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Power Energy Co., Ltd. was founded
Electric vehicle charging piles have been widely used in China and become a new economic growth point of Kehua Hengsheng.
The first set of localized nuclear island-level high-power UPS power supply with independent intellectual property rights will be introduced to protect the development of China's nuclear energy industry.
Two thousand and fourteen
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) was successfully launched; the first batch passed the intellectual property management system.
To undertake the National Cloud Computing Project: "Research and Development and Promotion of Accessory Equipment in Data Center Computer Room";
Kehua Hengsheng Technology Center has been recognized as the "National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" and become the first UPS industry to be recognized by this enterprise.
Two thousand and thirteen
In South China Power Innovation Industrial Park, the layout of the company's headquarters in South China. Establish Huaruisheng subsidiary company, focus on green data center market development
Two thousand and twelve
Kehua Hengsheng Xiamen Headquarters Base has been put into operation, and Xiamen Super High Power UPS, Green Data Center Product Manufacturing Base has been put into operation.
It undertakes 863 projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Finance.
A 240V high voltage DC power supply system with high efficiency and energy saving is introduced.
Two thousand and eleven
Introduce ERP to Zhangzhou High-end and High-Power UPS Modern Manufacturing Workshop and Zhangzhou High-end and High-Power UPS Modern Manufacturing Workshop.
Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department awarded "Key Enterprises of Fujian Science and Technology Achievement Conversion".
The medium and high power EPS power supply for lighting and power is introduced to provide reliable power supply for industrial and construction projects.
"Three-level technology" and "IGBT rectification technology" have been successfully applied to high-power and high-frequency uninterruptible power supply.
Two thousand and ten
Kehua Hengsheng successfully listed in Shenzhen A-share, stock code: 002335; build Kehua Hengsheng - the leader of smart power, build a comprehensive high-end power supply, green data center, new energy three major products and solutions system.
The R&D center has obtained UL accredited laboratory qualification in the United States.
Establish "Fujian Academician Expert Workstation".
The State Intellectual Property Office shall award the "National Pilot Unit for Intellectual Property Rights of Enterprises and Institutions".
The project of industrialization of digitized energy-saving industrial power optimization equipment was awarded the National Demonstration Project of High-tech Industrialization by the Development and Reform Commission.
Put out special UPS for medical equipment, export in batches, escort medical equipment in developed countries.
Two thousand and nine
Relying on the rich experience of power security in information room, the solution of physical infrastructure construction of Kehua Hengsheng "cloud power" green data center came into being.
Kehua Company has been listed in the first batch of innovative enterprises in Fujian Province.
Put forward photovoltaic (1.5KW-1.26MW), wind energy and other new energy integration solutions products to realize the industrialization of green power technology.
Two thousand and eight
Establish "post-doctoral research workstation" and take the lead in passing OHSAS 18001 International Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.
Independent energy-saving projects are supported by the National Development and Reform Commission
To undertake the national project of industrialization of digital energy-saving industrial power optimization equipment.
Two thousand and seven
The industrial UPS has been successfully applied in large and medium-sized industrial manufacturing enterprises.
Relying on the independent core technology of power electronic conversion, photovoltaic inverters and wind power converters are introduced to enter the new energy field.
Two thousand and six
The 100 mu modern industrial park has been put into operation and has become one of the largest UPS manufacturers in China.
Establish a joint laboratory with Zhejiang University.
Import and promote ROHS environmental protection directives, and gradually develop to green environmental protection production enterprises.
Two thousand and five
The introduction of 20-600 KVA three-phase digital high-power UPS consolidates the status of Kehua UPS as the first local brand.
Two thousand and three
The R&D center of Kehua Company is recognized as the enterprise technology center of Fujian Province.
Two thousand
The first domestic innovative "self-adaptive parallel technology without autonomy" has promoted the domestic UPS technology to the international advanced level.
Publish new brand strategy, implement internationalization strategy, and pass ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
We will complete the reform of the joint stock system and form the layout of high-tech enterprises in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Shenzhen.
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight
Intelligent UPS is introduced to lead the development of domestic UPS to digital intelligence.
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-six
The First National Key High-tech Enterprise in UPS Industry Granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology
In the industry, it is the first to introduce digital intelligent UPS, and has won the national patent.
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-five
Take the lead in passing ISO9000 total quality management system certification.
The 3-6kVA medium-power on-line UPS is introduced to replace the imported products, which improves the reliability and stability of domestic UPS applications.
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-three
Invest in the opening of 10,000 square meters standard factory building to achieve large-scale production.
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-two
Introducing imported IGBT power module greatly improves the efficiency and reliability of power supply products.
One thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine
KEHUA Products: UPS1000 was selected as the first batch of "National Torch Project"
One thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight
The predecessor of Kehua was founded in Zhangzhou, which opened the research and development and manufacture of UPS.



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