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Xiamen Kehua Power Supply Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and listed in Shenzhen A-share market in 2010 (stock code 002335). It has 28 years'experience in R&D and manufacturing of power and electronic equipment. It is the undertaker of the Key National Torch Plan Project, [National Key High-tech Enterprises], [National Certified Enterprise Technology Center], [National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises], and the first batch of the whole country. Fusion Management System] Enterprises, with three business systems of energy base, cloud basic services and new energy, are widely used in finance, industry, transportation, communication, government, national defense, education, medical treatment, power, new energy, electric vehicle charging stake, data center and other industries. They serve more than 80 countries and regions, more than 200,000 users worldwide, and are committed to building ecological energy mutual. Networked enterprises.
Kehua Hengsheng, in line with the development concept of "independent innovation, own brand", has always focused on UPS R&D and production. It has established high-end power supply research institutions in Zhangzhou, Xiamen and Shenzhen, and has set up more than 500 R&D teams with three specialists independently trained and enjoying special allowances from the State Council as the core. The company has undertaken more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial torch projects, national key new product plans and 863 plans, participated in the formulation of more than 40 national and industrial standards, and obtained more than 250 national patents, software copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

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In addition to the National Torch Program and the Key New Product Program, in 2008, MW-level energy-saving high-end UPS technology independently developed by Kehua Hengsheng gained the national key support, that is, the "Digital Energy-saving Industrial Power Optimizing Device" was included in the "National High-tech Industrial Development Project" by the Development and Reform Commission; in 2010, the "Industrialization of Digital Energy-saving Industrial Power Optimizing Device" project. Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission as "National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project". In 2015, Kehua Hengsheng independently developed nuclear island-level Kehua UPS equipment passed the appraisal, which marks that the national UPS industry independent research and development level and the application level of high-end products have reached a new stage, and also shows Kehua Hengsheng's leading position in scale and technology.

A series of breakthroughs in high-end power supply technology of Kehua Power have broken the long-standing technological monopoly of international brands, provided high-end power supply products with high performance-price ratio for global users, and have positive significance for national information security, national defense security and improving the overall equipment level of "Made in China".

Focusing on power technology and power innovation, Kehua Hengsheng has three business systems: energy base, cloud basic service and new energy. They include nuclear power, industrial power, power supply, communication power, elevator power supply, fine-guard series products, batteries and components, photovoltaic/wind power supply, charging pile, cloud power data center and so on. The products are applied in more than 80 countries and countries all over the world. It covers Europe, America, Asia and Africa. For eighteen consecutive years, the main business ranks first among domestic brands, providing reliable power supply services to more than 200,000 users worldwide. According to the report issued by Saidi Consultant in 2016, in 2015, Kehua Hengsheng ranked fourth among all domestic and foreign brands, ranking first among domestic brands; high-end high-power UPS market ranking above 20kVA ranked second among all domestic and foreign brands, ranking first among local brands, and steadily leading the development of China's power industry.

Over the years, Kehua battery products have been successfully selected for UPS equipment, such as China Railway Communications, Pedestrian Bank, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, China Life, State Administration of Taxation, China Telecom, China Unicom and central state organs. They have been qualified as suppliers of military equipment and materials procurement, China Petroleum and Gas Pipeline, Bluestar Chemical Group, and have established strategic partnerships with well-known enterprises.

Up to now, Kehua Power Products have successfully joined hands with many key projects at home and abroad, including the construction of regional landmark projects, such as the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Luanda National Stadium in Angola, Shanghai World Expo (emergency command center of the Expo Axis, USA Pavilion, France Pavilion, Renmin Road Tunnel Project, etc.), Olympic Bird's Nest, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and Shanghai Women's Football World Cup. Kehua Hengsheng can be seen in large-scale projects such as the Guangzhou Asian Games, Gold Tax Project, Air Force Training Base, Three Gorges Hub, Tianjin New Generation Rocket, Beijing Metro, Capital Airport, State Tax Administration, Radio and Television Administration, Xiamen Airport and so on.
Kehua Hengsheng always adheres to high-end positioning, under the consistent concept of enterprise development, adheres to people-oriented, customer-oriented needs, customized product solutions for customers. Adhere to the efficient maintenance of corporate assets and brand assets, build up corporate reputation and brand image with customer satisfaction, actively organize and participate in industry forums, conferences and various exhibitions. In 2015, including attending the Hanover International Information and Communication Technology Exposition in Germany, Singapore Asia International Communication Exposition, China International Financial Exhibition, SNEC International Photovoltaic Exhibition, etc., dozens of domestic and foreign exhibitions. Exhibition demonstrations and industry meetings; increase cooperation with various media, cooperate with dozens of network and print media to carry out advertising and publicity, maintain good relations with more than 20 associations such as China Power Supply Society and Computer User Association, and hold more than 100 financial, communications, industry, transportation, military, education, intelligent building, IT, data center, new energy and other products and products for various industries. Program seminars and brand promotion and product promotion activities to ensure the transparency of enterprises'external publicity.



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